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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why I Run?

Doesn't it seem like you have to answer this question more than you should? Isn't it strange how it makes so much sense to you and absolutely no sense to so many of your friends and family members? When I was out on the trails last weekend, for my 12 mile run, I started to ponder this topic. On a whim I decided to pull out my phone and capture my thoughts with the intent of writing this post. As the moment unfolded there were a couple funny moments that made this too priceless not to share with you directly. Unfortunately, it's not very easy to share a simple audio clip so this is being shared as a file which you will need to download (I think) here.

I think I should clarify one point in this audio about competition.  I love watching competitive running.  I'm envious of the speed and power I see in competitive runners.  When I went back and listened to this it sounded like I was minimizing those that do run competitively-that was not my intent.  I was speaking to the masses of runners who struggle with calling themselves runners because they feel they are not fast enough.

Here's a couple pictures from the run that morning.  Silver Springs State park in Illinois.

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