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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New & Improved

Since creating the RunJunkEes Facebook page, back in August of 2011, I've been simply astounded not only at the overall positive response it has received but also the incredible people who have become a part of my goofy idea.  As of this writing the page was nearing 5,100 likes and averaging 1.3-1.8 million "friends of fans"reach weekly, according the stats supplied by Facebook Insights.

Some of the features that have become a regular part of the page include the runner submitted Random Running Moments and the fellow RunJunkEe submitted questions were my inspiration on creating the new .com site. The quality and knowledge of those responding to the questions posed by fellow RJ's is consistently top notch.  The only downfall...within a couple weeks it's lost somewhere in the feed of the page so unless you are stopping by everyday there's a good chance you missed out on some great advice and conversation.

The re-worked website will hopefully improve on some of the Facebook page "issues".   Here are some of the highlights:

1.  The Home Page-  The only notable items on the home page are the search box at the top and the slide show at the bottom. 

-The search box will allow you to search a key word and find anything within the site pertaining to the search.  So if you've come looking for a hot pink shirt, type pink and it should point you in the direction you need to go.  The only thing the search box will not find are words within the forums (there is a separate search area under the community tab for that)

-The slide show is comprised of a variety of user submitted Random Running Moments that I've JunkEe'd up a little. 

2. The Community-  This area contains the forums and what I hope will be the biggest and best improvement to the RunJunkEes community.  Within the forums you will see several general categories listed out.  You should be able to find or create specific topics under one of the categories.  All contain a brief description.  You will have to sign in to access the forum and this can be done by linking almost any social network (all are listed).  Once you've done so there is also a spot that you can click that will allow you to edit your profile to include your forum picture and how your user name will appear.  I was happy to see this because it will afford you a little more privacy if you decide you'd rather not have to entire world knowing who you are.  It will also benefit the page in the event someone is being disrespectful or inappropriate because the page admins will have the ability to ban users (I'm guessing that will probably never happen but still good to know it's there just in case).

3. The Store- For now it's just the small collection of RunJunkEes T-shirts but I'm hoping to expand this area.  Your support here is what will allow me to continue to operate this page completely free of charge so I thank you for doing so.

4. The Blog-  Just in case you want to delve deeper into my warped little mind.

That's basically it.  But here is the most important thing to remember, like the Facebook page this site is nothing without the participation of the people who are there.  I'm hoping between the experienced runners combined with the number novice runners seeking to Find the Magic in the Misery everyone will find much to enjoy over at .  And as always I'm open to your ideas & suggestions.  I just ask that you keep in mind that I'm a one man show; please be patient with me.

More to come.