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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Handana Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a pretty unique new product called the Handana.  It's marketed as a "high performance sweatband for running and other sports."  Here's the description from their website "It’s made of soft, durable wicking SupplexTM LycraTM fabric that wraps around your hand allowing you to use both sides of your Handana hand to wipe sweat from your eyes, nose, neck or forehead. Your hand and fingers are completely free to keep your stride smooth, steer your bike or to open snacks and water bottles."

I was contacted about trying out the Handana and was surprised when it showed up in the mail two days later.  My opinion, fast shipping is usually a good indicator of someone who is passionate about what they are doing and that was further confirmed after inspecting the quality workmanship of the product.  Here are some of the product highlights:

  • Made of SupplexTM LycraTM fabric that is soft, durable and wicks away moisture
  • Comfortable, glove-like fit
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight, natural fit around your hand
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers and people who sweat
  • Great for running, cycling, yoga, racquet sports and more!
  • Made in the USA

The Handana can also be worn on either hand.   I asked for the same size that I would normally wear in a glove. The fit was snug but not to the point of uncomfortable.  There were several factors in my testing favor on the day one of testing the Handana. Several days prior I was involved in a rollover car crash and in my effort to get out of the car I cut my hand up pretty bad. The wound was still bandaged and raw on the day I ran with the Handana. In addition to the wound I decided to go on a trail run on a day with high humidity and temps in the upper 80's.  

The Handana performed as described and then some.  It effectively provided a simple way to wipe the sweat from my face. Normally on a hot run like this a hat, headband or visor will help but short of a gutter strapped to my forehead I don't think anything will keep all of the sweat away.  I would usually take my shirt off and carry it to use as my towel. The Handana allowed me to keep my hands free. It also added a little extra protection for my booboo.  

Another benefit of the sticky hands.  I usually end up with some degree of gels and/or sports drink on my hands when out on a run.  But on my second Handana run my tactic  was to carry my handheld in the same hand as my water bottle.  Only problem here was now I couldn't use It to wipe the sweat however it did a pretty decent job at keeping my hand sticky free.  I almost wish I had one for each hand. 

On my third run I first soaked the Handana with cold water. The thought was to use it as a cooling towel. I didn't feel this worked too well. It was great at first but it didn't stay cold.  This is not a marketed feature of the product but thought it would be worth a try. 

In addition to running, I could see this being useful in other activities such as cycling, yoga and probably many more I'm not thinking of. 

One other use I'm going explore with the Handana is to use it as a way to keep my hands warm.  Don't get me wrong in the dead of winter these are going to cut it alone.  But, as an added layer under your gloves or mittens they would work great.  

In addition to my running adventures I also play the bagpipes. I told Katie, the founder of the Handana company, I think these might be an effective option to blocking the wind but still leave enough freedom of movement for my fingers. 

If you'd like to learn more about the Handana or their product line go to

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