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Saturday, June 15, 2013

"You Run Too Much"

Recently, a friend was venting about his "concerned" family member who was lecturing him about running too much. That it wasn't good for him. That it was going to kill him. 

As a person who has spent the majority of their adult life as a sedentary slug and only a runner for the last several years I feel I have a fair perception of  this topic. 

While out on my run yesterday I started thinking about writing a post on the subject.  This is when I seem to have my best thoughts however, by the time I finish I've usually forgotten all of the great thoughts I had.  So this time I decided not to let my emotions and thoughts pass me by.  I pulled out my phone and recorded a short blurb of what I was thinking and feeling at the moment.  Well, really it's more of a message. A message to all of those people that are so concerned about my well being. 

 It's not scripted, it's not perfect and I made no editing to the clip but its from the heart.  You can listen Here.  

Enjoy the run. 

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