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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pure Project

Well, I've finally made the transition into a more 'minimal' shoe.  I've been waiting forever for Brooks to release the Pure Project line.  I went into Road Runner Sports on 10/24/11 and took a 'test drive' in all four models; Connect, Flow, Cadence & Grit.  Each offers something a little different.  All can be purchased on the Brooks website or at Road Runner Sports

The Pure Connect is considered the most 'minimal' of all the models.  This shoe has a pretty unique fit.  The best way to describe it is snug.  You can literally feel it hugging your foot.

Next are the Pure Flow.  A friend described this as most like the Kinvaras.  Brooks describes it as "a little more shoe and a whole lot of technology to a slick aesthetic"

Next are the Cadence which Brooks describes as "Lean construction fuses with a responsive fit in the PureCadence. For Guidance to Support runners, this shoe delivers more support through smart, streamlined features such as a wider Nav Band that’s locked in to the medial strike pod."

And last but not least Pure Grit.  These were the model I decided to go with.  I would compare the fit to the Flow but it is designed to be more of a trail shoe.  It has a unique tread that does offer great traction off road.  My only concern, at this point, is how fast the tread will wear.  Once it's gone I suspect these shoes will be too slippery to wear on wet pavement.  I've only logged about 50 miles since buying them but I do love them.  I've averaged about a 30 seconds per mile increase in speed with no extra effort.  Maybe it's all in my head but whatever it is, it's working. 

And the best dog loves them too.

Happy Running

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